How To Design The Best Product For Roto-moulding

After decades of experience in custom rotational moulding, Global Rotomoulding has established a fine-tuned process for creating custom roto-moulded plastic products. We have well and truly established ourselves as an industry leader in custom roto-moulded plastic. From our trustworthy team to our reliance on the latest tech, there are a few key considerations that make the ultimate difference in creating a superior product that is engineered to last. Read on to uncover how Global Rotomoulding manages to design the best custom roto-moulded products, every time.

We follow a tried and tested rotomoulding process

Our innate desire to understand all aspects of our customer’s requirements drives our commitment to provide complete design and manufacturing solutions for plastic products.

We have established a fine-tuned process that ensures we create a quality product that meets (and exceeds) the expectations of our customers:

1. Concept design
Our technical R&D skills, coupled with our established connections with world-class product engineers, has allowed us to design complex products that minimise weight, maximise volume and cut down on product costs.

2. Full product design with product specifications
The Global Rotomoulding team will work with your engineers and designers. Our highly experienced rotomoulding team understands what can and can’t be done with plastic, and offers full product specifications.

3. Product prototyping, tooling prototyping, testing, and verifying
We strongly believe in a very strong design phase, CAD modeling, FEA engineering and 3d printing of scale products.

4. Tool making
Tool of a mould is one of the most important aspects of making a mould. Our staff and the world class product engineers can help ensure your new product can be manufactured efficiently and meets your requirements.

5. Full high capacity custom-moulding facilities
Ready for any job size, Global Rotomoulding operates eight ovens over two local sites to minimise risk. We also manufacture off-shore through our manufacturing partners for extra capacity.

6. Delivery
Our tried and tested rotomoulding process has allowed us to develop long-standing relationships with customers – built on our reliable performance.

We use the latest technology

To design the best custom rotomoulded products, you need to be keeping up with the latest technology, which is exactly what we do here at Global. Both our sites rely on only the latest technology in machinery and facilities. We are constantly re-evaluating and re-strategising how we can keep improving our processes.

Recently, we underwent substantial expansion with our adoption of the ERP system. This system, and its corresponding production and quality control web application, has streamlined our production, boosting efficiency.

Our high production capacity, paired with our reliance on robotic technologies, has maximised efficiency and long term viability.

Employ a passionate team that cares

We are proudly supported by a team of local employees who are experts in their field. Every member of the Global team strives to produce custom rotomoulded products of the highest quality. Our team loves to create exciting, high-quality custom rotomoulded products.

Global Rotomoulding designs custom rotomoulded products to last

Global Rotomoulding offers an extensive range of high-quality custom moulded products that are second to none. We work with a wide range of industries, including agriculture, domestic, automotive and more. Be sure to contact our helpful team to resolve your rotomoulding requirements.

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