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Global’s Water Tanks for Aussie farms

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Water storage tanks are the favoured way to cut down on water bills and ensure a reliable water source all year round for most Australian farmers. Water tanks for farms are precious assets for irrigation systems and livestock watering systems

Living on a farm means you need to be conscious about your water storage and supply. It’s something you probably don’t want to worry about, but something you always need to be aware of nonetheless. Over the years, Global Rotomoulding has created a range of durable tanks that take as much hassle out of water storage as possible. 

Global Rotomoulding has a range of water tanks that cover a diverse variety of applications. If you’re on the hunt for water storage options for your farm, we have a product for every job. All Global tanks are manufactured in polyethylene that complies with AS 2070 (plastics materials for food contact use) and AS/NZS 4020 (products for use in contact with drinking water). This material is 100% recyclable. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of affordable and durable water storage, you can’t go past poly tanks. 

Two Large Green Water Tanks

Above Ground Water Tanks 

It’s common for rural properties in Australia to not have access to the main city water supply. Instead, farms rely on water tanks for all their needs. Filling these tanks can be done by storing rainwater, carted water, groundwater or surface water. Carted water is often seen as a last resort when existing storage options go dry because it is costly and inefficient compared to the other water filling options. 

Water tanks for farms bear several responsibilities from watering crops, providing drinking water to livestock, running household appliances, cleaning and more. Above-ground tanks are the most common system for farmers because it’s cheaper and easier to install than other options. It can also reach higher capacities than underground tanks and transportable tanks. 

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Global Rotomoulding House Side Camel Water Tank

Urban Tanks

While these smaller tanks are mostly installed in residential, suburban areas, they still can add value to a rural property. An urban poly tank is perfect for a guest house or smaller facility that you want to provide with an independent water source. They are tall and flat and fit nicely against the side of a building, barn or house. 

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Global Rotomoulding’s underground water tanks are the perfect option for farms that want to conserve space while still having quality water storage. Underground tanks have better insulation than above-ground tanks and have better security. Because they are out of the elements, they stay cool all year round, whereas the water in outdoor tanks is usually cold in the winter and warmer in summer.

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Rural Tanks

Rural life requires a lot of water. Global Rotomoulding have several above and underground tank options for rural landowners. Our above ground tanks work their way up to 45,000ltr capacities and 5000ltr underground tanks. 

Global Tanks have several options that are UV stabilised for Australian conditions. These products are made to withstand both blistering heat and chilling colds without being damaged. We’re so confident in our product that all our above and underground tanks come with a 10-year quality guarantee. 

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Reliable storage with Australia's Best Cartage Tanks

Commercial System Tanks 

Our tank range has options for commercial purposes like chemical storage or fire extinguisher systems.   

Fire – Global’s water systems can be attached to a pumping system that provides a flow of water to fire extinguisher systems. 

Chemical Storage – Global Rotomoulding has a listed group of tanks that are moulded with diesel-grade, chemical-resistant linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and feature heavy-duty stillage. At Global Rotomoulding, we manufacture polyethylene (plastic) products that comply with the AS/NZS 2070 Australian Standard. Any product that we promote as chemical-resistant or chemical-storing has been through rigorous testing.



No matter what your tank specification is, Global Rotomoulding has a quality poly tank that is perfect for the job. For more detailed information on what type of water tank is best for you, reach out to us today.