How businesses can get involved in the local community

businesses getting involved in the local community



There are many mutual benefits for small businesses and community programs alike, in sponsorship and endorsement endeavours.

When a small business sponsors a community event, program or sports team, it’s obvious that it creates an atmosphere of goodwill surrounding the brand. However, there are many other advantages for both business and community, that aren’t often publicised.

The benefits of supporting the local community

A form of advertising that is actually ingested.
Parents are going to take more notice of the brand on the back of their children’s sports jersey than a billboard flashing by on the morning drive to school drop-off.

Create more opportunities for local families.
Sponsoring a youth sports team is a great way to create opportunities for low-income families to participate in the community. Player participation fees are sometimes expensive and can be the deciding factor between signing a child up for football or not. Sponsoring a local sports team or club can reduce these fees to increase sign-ups and quality of life for youth in the area.

Directly engaging your target audience.
Youth initiatives are a great way to grab the attention of parents, coaches, teachers and community leaders. Placing your logo on the marquee at a soccer sausage sizzle both increases acknowledgement of your product and helps support your sponsored team.

Generating a sense of pride.
Having your company’s name printed on the back of a soccer jersey or the front of a baseball cap can create a sense of pride amongst your staff. Watching your team win a match or receiving a group photo for the office helps to remind your business of the importance of local community. Use sponsorship dollars to send your office to watch a match and harvest this sense of community further.

Setting your business apart from competitors.
Having a genuine investment in the local community is more likely to drive customers to your products rather than competitors who do not support community initiatives.

Sometimes you don’t even need to spend a cent.
Offering a place for team meetings, rehearsals or AGM’s is a great way to get involved in community initiatives. If your business has a large area or hall, why not offer it as a meeting place for local groups? In return, they may provide free advertising or even word-of-mouth referrals.

Global Rotomoulding’s community initiatives.

Here at Global Rotomoulding, we are heavily invested in our local community. We understand the struggles and opportunities that our fellow citizens face, and work to assist them where we can.

We are particularly driven to support local youth sports groups to encourage more of our town’s young people to participate in these clubs and societies.

We believe that giving the young people in our community widespread access to sports increases their quality of life and decreases the risk of them falling into antisocial behaviour, common to small towns when a sense of community is not cultivated.

Global Rotomoulding have supported and provide ongoing sponsorship to:

Laidley Cricket Society
South West Cricket Club
Olympic Park Speedway
Murphy’s Creek Fossil Downs Bush Rodeo

Global have also sponsored programs that are not sports oriented, but continue to develop a sense of community in the local area. These include:

Helidon State school Chaplin Program
Gatton Show Society
Chances for Children run by the Law Firm Irwin and Richards
Make A Wish Foundation through Mallee Family Care
Zoe Single Mums Support Group
Stephanie Alexandra Kitchen Garden Foundation for Henderson College

Over the past 18 years, Global Rotomoulding has solidified their position within the local community by providing ongoing support to community programs and initiatives. Your business too could experience this sense of pride in your local community.

Looking for sponsorship or support for a community event, program or initiative? Contact Global Rotomoulding today!

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