Our Howard Ferry named ANZ 2016 Innovator of the Year


Global Rotomoulding ANZ innovator of the year



Global Rotomoulding’s very own Howard Ferry received the high accolade of ANZ 2016 Innovator Of The Year on November 11 this year, at the 2016 ANZ Sunraysia Daily Mildura Innovation Awards.

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Howard received two awards that resulted in this final acclaimed position – The Fisher Award for Most Innovative Person in Business, and The Hill Award for Most Innovative Product for Global Rotomoulding’s Booth Transport Toolbox.

Global have been commended for their dedication to the collaborative processes they undergo with their clients. The Booth Transport Toolbox was not only innovative but a testament to the lengths that Global Rotomoulding will go to, as a business, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Booth Transport and Global Rotomoulding worked closely together to come up with a solution to the problem Booth Transport were experiencing. Rust and corrosion to their ute tray beds from carrying pump systems had resulted in costly regular replacements for the company. Booth contacted Global in hopes of finding a plastic alternative to hold these pump systems, which would be resistant to water leakage.

Global assessed the problems at hand and underwent a series of technical consultations, experiments and adjustments to come up with the best solution to this issue. The Booth Transport Toolbox is now the star of their trade shows, and gaining more and more interest from other businesses looking for rust-resistant vehicle storage units.

It is uplifting to see this recognition of Global’s dedication to its customers and the innovative services that they provide. Global aren’t afraid to undergo projects that could span years and will put in the time and effort to see a product from concept, all the way through to distribution.

Although Howard travels the world to stay up-to-date with the latest rotomoulding technology, he has great pride in his local community. He was more than a little chuffed to receive this deserving award and celebrate with his family, friends and professionals.

We think the judges feedback on his nomination speaks honestly and is a reflection of the values that he and his brother Lester have built their business around:

“Howard is described by his referees as a very measured, thoughtful and unassuming person who is also technically very clever and commercially savvy. He thinks outside the square to solve problems, and is able to integrate internal and external resources into projects to create very innovative solutions for clients.”


If you’re looking for a trusted, innovative and committed company to design your next project with, you won’t get better service and collaboration than with Global Rotomoulding. Contact us today!


Image courtesy of the Sunraysia Daily. Read the full article here.

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