Foam-Filled Rotational Moulded Products for Added Strength





Many of our roto-moulded products are typically hollow on the inside.

This has many benefits including easy movability, sturdiness without unnecessary heaviness and much cheaper production costs. It also means that they can be filled to increase structural integrity and strength. The even better news is that this can be achieved without adding unmanageable weight to the overall product.

Foam: the wonder filler

Foam is an excellent filler for hollowed plastic products. It provides rigidity without drastically increasing the weight, like other fillers such as water.

The light weight-bearer

Foam is the ideal filler for bases bearing products that are heavy, such as fertiliser or aquaculture tanks. Foam will make the base sturdier and increase its lifespan, by preventing warping or buckling under the weight of the tank’s contents.


Foam will also increase the impact resistance of the product. Any grinding, buffering or knocking of the product will be countered by the resilience of the foam filling, which prevents the plastic from cracking at the impact point.


Because foam is so light, it is also ideal for products that are required to float. Boat parts such as the seats in kayaks are often filled with foam to increase buoyancy. It’s also an advantage in motorised boats to minimise vibration.

Thermal insulation

Foam is often used as a thermal insulator in pipes so that very cold or very hot water running through the pipes is not affected by adverse weather conditions outside. It is used in houses to regulate temperature and decrease energy consumption used in running air conditioning.

Global’s in-house foaming machine

The exciting news is that Global has it’s very own foaming machine – the Reactor E-30! And it is waiting to be utilised for your next big project!

Designing a product that needs to be light, but sturdy? Global can help you out! Speak to our experts today to see if a foam insert is appropriate for your product. For more information on how we can assist you with your next project, visit our Custom Rotomoulding page or contact us today!



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