Explore Global’s Small and Compact Spray Tanks

So you need a compact spray tank to secure on the back of your ute or truck. It needs to be reliable, sturdy, easy to mount and even easier to clean. It needs to require minimal fuss for maximum output. Whether you’re looking for 35L, 800L or anything in between, Global has you covered. Read on to find out more about our full range of small and compact spray tanks.

150ltr Insert Mounted Tank

Insert mounted

Our insert mounted spray cartage tanks range from 50-400L. They suit a wide range of chemicals and will fit easily on the back of a ute. Many come with tank strap recesses for additional security and volume markings to assist with the accuracy of filling.

100ltr Spray/Cartage Tank

Pin mounted

Many of our larger 600L and 800L spray cartage tanks need to be pin mounted to prevent twisting and sliding on your truck. These are also suitable for a wide range of chemicals, include two outlets and a hinged lid. You have the option of adding on baffle bones for superior surge control too!

500ltr Strap Mount Tank


Strap-mounted cartage sprayers are the ultimate in security and safety! These tanks feature both straps to eliminate jostling and separate high-strength feet with dual skin moulding that mechanically fasten to the tank. The feet adhere to the ute tray bed or truck bed with pins. They range from 200 to 600L and also feature a low-level sump. These sprayers are suitable for a wide range of chemicals.

Additional features

All of our sprayers include a few key features which we believe are vital to the use of cartage tanks by Australian farmers.

UV stabilised

All sprayers are UV stabilised to combat the harsh Australian sun. This means a longer lifespan for your tank and better conditions for its contents.

Food Grade Safe

Our are made from Food Grade Safe plastic, should you choose to carry liquid for livestock in them.


The low-density polyethene that we manufacture with is fully recyclable. When your tank is no longer functioning, it can be recycled rather than sent to landfill.

Colour Coded

Our tanks come in a range of colours to suit different purposes. This means that it’s near impossible to mix up tanks and get yourself in the sticky situation of cross contamination.

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