Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Multi-Use Plastic Products

Here at Global, we’re proud to manufacture our products with a material that’s fully recyclable. In fact, low-density polyethene is one of the most recycled plastics around. But most importantly, our products are manufactured to last.

This means that they aren’t single use plastics, like the bags at the grocery stores or cling film. This is important because it means that our products have a long lifespan before they’re sent to the recycling plant.

There are many plastic products that are designed for use time and time again. These products are integral in reducing humankind’s carbon footprint. They are used instead of disposable products that cannot be recycled, products that add to the massive piles of landfill which take decades to decompose. Here are a few of our favourite multiple use plastics that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to assist in caring for the environment.

Reusable take away coffee cups

Plastic take away coffee cups are super popular right now! Brands such as Keep Cup, Joco and Frank Green are trendy favourites in Australia for ditching paper, wax coated takeaway cups that cannot be recycled. Australians use approximately one billion take away coffee cups per year! And they can’t even be recycled! So next time you go to do the office coffee run, make sure everyone has their reusable plastic cups at the handy. Looking for further incentive? Many cafes offer discounts for bringing your own cup!

Fruit containers

When you only use half an avocado on your sandwich, it’s hard to keep the other half fresh without wrapping it in cling film. You could try fitting it into a container, but often these aren’t optimised for the shapes of fruit and veg. Cue, fruit shaped containers. Sick of your banana getting squished in your kid’s school bag? Chuck it in a banana shaped container! Need to keep half a tomato fresh for your salad tomorrow? Don’t put it in a single use snap lock bag, put it in a specific tomato shaped container instead! These can be used time and time again, and simply washed in between to keep them fresh.

Drink bottles

The throwaway plastic water bottles that you find at the service station or grab on the go at the supermarket aren’t sustainable for the environment. Plastic water bottles can be recycled, it’s true. But wouldn’t it be better if they had a longer lifespan? Drink bottles are made from sturdier plastic that will last longer, and save you a decent chunk of money, too! Keep one in your car to refill with water when you need it, or carry it around in your handbag while you’re out.

All-in-one travel utensil

All-in-one travel utensils aren’t just for campers! They’re great for carrying around, for those take away lunches on-the-fly. Disposable knives, forks and spoons are dished out like candy at fast food shops. But with a little preparedness, you don’t need to contribute to the piles of waste they end up in. All-in-one utensils are compact and easy to carry around. Never be caught trying to use a fork to eat your soup again!

Interested in manufacturing a plastic product that has a long lifespan, and can be responsibly recycled when its time is up? Contact Global today!

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