Drought Support for Farmers in the Lockyer Valley

At Global Tanks, we love keeping our customers up to date with agricultural business and community news, especially when we have the opportunity to highlight an increase in support services available to our rural community. Recent changes have been made within the Lockyer Valley Council to ensure that those affected by drought are receiving the help and assistance that they need. Below we have outlined the increase in services but also highlighted a lot of the structures that are in place for those rural businesses and families in need of advice and financial support, whether you live in the Lockyer Valley area or beyond.  A Local Drought Support Officer The Lockyer Valley council has recently increased its support for those affected by drought. This support is coming in the form of a Local Drought Support Officer (LDSO), a new role entirely dedicated to helping those who’ve felt the impact of the drought the most. The LDSO will coordinate support services, agencies and programs that are designed to help farms, farmworkers, agricultural businesses and rural families. Mayor Tanya Milligan is urging people to make use of the LDSO and the services available to them stating, “I know it is not always easy to ask for help but Council can now offer greater support for accessing a wider range of services and programs including mental health support. Our LDSO will work closely with various drought-support agencies to assist in further local promotion of appropriate programs for those affected.” Rural Financial Counselling The Rural Financial Counselling service (RFCS) allows people who are eligible to receive free, independent financial guidance. The services are entirely impartial and confidential and are designed to ensure that rural operators can work towards financial self-sufficiency. “Free, confidential, impartial, independent assistance is available to help eligible rural clients manage and adjust to volatilities and changes within their business environment.” -RFCS Rural Assistance Programs There are various programs that exist to provide drought relief and financial assistance to the farms and businesses of not just the Lockyer Valley but all of rural Queensland. Some examples of these are: The Queensland Government’s Drought Relief Assistance Program, Regional Investment Corporation Loans, the Farm Household Assistance and QRIDA Loans and Products.  Below we have provided a comprehensive list of links for any of the services referred to in the article as well as other helpful services for financial and mental wellbeing.  Financial Support Services Rural Financial Counselling Service The Queensland Government’s Drought Relief Assistance Program Regional Investment Corporation Loans Farm Household Assistance QRIDA Loans and Products Legal Aid Queensland Farm and Rural Legal Service Rural Aid Queensland Country Women’s Association Wellbeing and Mental Health Services Health Service Navigators Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Queensland: 1300 991 443 New Access Relationships Australia QLD At Global Tanks, we always want to ensure that our customers and community are aware of the support that’s available to them and take advantage of these services. To find out how our tanks, products and custom rotomoulding services can help to boost your agricultural business, get in touch with us today!

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