Get Ready for Bushfire Season with a Water Storage Tank

In rural Australia, having access to your own private water supply during bushfire season can really be make or break when it comes to saving your home, your farm or your business. Far too many Australians are familiar with the financial devastation and heartbreak that can be inflicted upon you by our long, hot and dry summers. Make sure you’re prepared to protect your home with a fully stocked water storage tank.

In most rural towns, the local water supply is only designed to facilitate everyday domestic and drinking water needs, so if you live or operate a business in an area that’s prone to bush or grass fire, it’s crucial that you have a water storage tank onsite in the event that a fire does occur. Below we’ve given 4 of the main reasons that water tanks are absolutely vital when it comes to fire fighting:

  1. The chances of your regular household or business water supply being affected are much higher when a bushfire strikes.
  2. When a large number of homeowners in your area are hosing their property down or attempting to fill up buckets, this will likely lead to a drop in water pressure making it much harder for you to take preventative measures around your home or business.
  3. If a Country Fire Authority or Rural Fire Service tank arrives to fight the bushfire and needs to use the local water supply to refill their tank, it can often cause your water flow to completely stall leaving you with no access to water. NSW, QLD have VIC have different fittings you can have installed on your tank so fire services can connect to your tanks quickly and easily. Chat with our friendly staff about relevant fittings for your area.
  4. The RFS and CFA recommend that if you choose to stay and defend your property during a bushfire you must have access to at least 10,000 litres of water from a source other than the mains water supply. The only way to guarantee immediate access to such a large volume of water for fire fighting is by having a water storage tank on your property.

Tips for Bushfire Season

✓ As we approach the bushfire season, make sure you maintain high water levels in your poly water tank. You never know when you’re going to need your water tank for fire fighting purposes.

✓ If a bushfire does occur, fire services may need to use your water tank to defend your property or the business and homes around you. Having the Stortz specialist fitting on your tank will allow fire services to use your tank.

✓ Make sure you keep the area surrounding the tank completely free of vegetation or foliage that could be set alight in a bushfire. This will block your access to the tank and render the water useless.

✓ If you live or operate in a high-risk zone for bushfires you may want to think about having a fire hose or sprinkler system connected to your water tank and ready to go in the case of an emergency.

At Global Tanks, our poly water storage tanks come in 30 different colours and a huge range of sizes with our largest and best value tanks holding up to 23,500 litres of water(45,000 litres in Victoria). If you have any questions about our water storage tanks or want to learn more about our services and the installation process, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today!

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