Best Images of Rural Australia 2020

The new year has come, and most Aussies can agree that it was great to wave off 2020. Wildfires, a global pandemic, drought and plenty of other struggles. It wasn’t an easy year, but here we are at the other end. 

Despite all the struggles, there was beauty in 2020. 

It’s a mantra that every rural worker knows; with the bad comes good. So while we look forward to what 2021 brings, let’s look back at the year that was and see some photos that encapsulate what it means to live in rural Australia. 

Mansfield, Victoria – Angus Cattle at Golden Hour

The rules that came with COVID-19 were tough on every industry, but this rural photographer was proud of her fellow Victorians for obeying the rules and coming down from one of Australia’s highest spikes. 

Booligal, New South Wales – Massive Duststorm In NSW

Life on the planes brings about some “epic scenes” like this massive dust storm captured by farmer Jessie Palmer. 

Mansfield, Victoria – Spring Snowfall 

Seems like a different country, but no, this winter wonderland is located in the small town at the foothills of the Victorian Alps. 

Oberson, New South Wales – Thick Snow in NSW

This frosty pic among rows of pine looks like it could be from an arctic adventure. Photographer Dan Farr captured a truly mystical moment that inspires exploration.

Lambs Valley, New South Wales – Country Road 

A stunning photo of the rolling hills along the Hunter Valley. Everything about this photo perfectly highlights the sights of rural life. 

Port Lincoln, South Australia – Balancing Kids

These two baby goats are showing their balancing skills by standing on this rock which is only two inches at its peak. 

Barney View, Queensland – Sunrise Over A Pasture 

The cattle are all looking at the photographer like they’re posing for this photo. Amazing shot. 

Perenjori, Western Australia – Tractor Stirring Up Dust 

Photographer Ellie Morris did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty and ruggedness of rural Australia. The dust being stirred up by this tractor made for some beautiful pictures. 

Riverina, New South Wales – Fun In The Mud 

Growing up rural means you’re used to mud. These kids get that. 

Broad Leaf Santa Gertrudis, Queensland – Dogs At Work 

Working with cattle isn’t easy. Photographer Trina Patterson captured the powerful confrontation between this cow and two working dogs. 

Harden, New South Wales – Rural Gallery 

Photographer Rachael Lenehan’s work captures every aspect of rural life. A fantastic gallery filled with emotion. 

Alexandra, Victoria – Rodeo In Action 

Being ring-side at a rodeo is an exhilarating experience, as this photographer found out. She captured this powerful trestle between bronco and man seconds before the horse crashed into the barriers. 

The Grampians, New South Wales – Harvester Convoy 

A fantastic image of four tractors harvesting crop. 

Kununurra, Western Australia – Long Exposure In Lighting Storm 

This rural photographer got lucky during a lightning storm when the rain stopped long enough for him to get this long exposure shot. The result is breathtaking. 

Kensington Grove, Queensland – Inner Milky Way 

A stunning shot of the Milky Way Galaxy from a rural pasture. Read the description for a better explanation of how this fantastic shot came to be. We couldn’t do it justice. 

Broome, Western Australia – Blue Waters, Red Earth 

The contrast between the water and sand in this aerial shot is something you could only find in Australia. The beautiful earth tones made for a truly great photo. 

Cootamundra, New South Wales – Lamb And Its Herd 

A simple yet fantastic shot of a lamb in front of its herd during the golden hour. 

Bridgewater, Victoria – Work Dog On Lookout

Dogs and farms go together like salt and pepper. This pup looks very proud in this field.

Victorian High Country, Victoria – Bushfire Smoke

It’s hard to believe that this tranquil picture was taken during the Victorian wildfires which ravaged the country early last year. What seems to be fog in the photo is actually smoke captured in the early morning. 

Kangaroo Island, South Australia – The Grip Of Survival

The emotional moment of a koala gripping onto a singed tree during the dreadful fires which ripped through Kangaroo Island in January 2020. 

Murringo, New South Wales – Lone Angus Cattle 

You can feel the brisk air in this photo just from the crisp dew on the grass and the vapour gathering on the cow’s breath. It’s easy to imagine the feeling of the winter air after seeing this shot. 

Penola, New South Wales – Grazing Cattle

A simple, yet fantastic shot of this cattle’s snout as it munches on some grass. 

Tamborine, Queensland – Windmill Infront of a Red Sky

Gorgeous colours of a sunrise, mixed with fog on a country property. Reminds us why we love the rural way of life. 

Longreach Queensland – Lighting Strom Over Rural Area 

Ominous storm clouds bringing much-needed rain to a regional Queensland town.

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