Growing Demand for Organics: Farm to Table Christmas Recipes

Australians are hungry for organically grown produce. In fact, two-thirds of Australian households reported they had purchased organic products in 2018. This grew the domestic consumer market of organic produce domestic to a value of $2 billion AUD by 2018. 

These findings are unsurprising. Australian consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious. Many consumers of organic products are concerned about the potential effects of pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones or antibiotics on their body. Considering humans have been on the planets for about 150,000 years, and have only started using chemicals to grow food about 70 years ago, the growing shift towards organic produce is not surprising. 

Hence, consumers are increasingly supporting local farmers that are committed to growing organic produce. This has seen an increase in popularity for recipes that incorporate whole foods. In celebration of organic farm to table food, read on for our favourite farm to table Christmas recipes.

Nibbles and Snacks: Go For Grazing Boards

For Christmas food that both looks and tastes delicious, look no further than a classic grazing board. Grazing board experts know that putting together a good grazing board requires exceptional produce. From your local markets or organic shop, choose a wide range of produce for your grazing board. For vegetables, try carrot, celery or pickled cucumbers. For fruit, include watermelon, kiwi fruit, figs, grapes, berries or anything you fancy. Add in a variety of nuts, bread and wholegrain biscuits for a Christmas graze you won’t forget. 


Packing a diverse range of colourful vegetables into your salads promotes maximum flavour and maximum nutritional value. Here are a few vegetable and flavour packed summer salad recipes perfect for Christmas. 



Despite our warm climate, many Aussies tend to cook up bakes on Christmas day. They’re delicious – of course – but including various farm to table ingredients is the key to a tasty bake. Check out these delicious recipes for your Christmas lunch. 


Meat Dishes: Homemade Christmas Sauces & Marinades 

For some households, meat is the centrepiece for the Christmas table. Consumers that enjoy organic farm to table produce may also pair their antibiotic and hormone free meat with flavourful sauces or marinades. Check out these recipes for popular Christmas sauces: 



Australian Christmas desserts naturally have plenty of different fruits, and can even include vegetables. Here are some delicious Christmas dessert recipes. 


Supporting local farmers has always been a big part of Global Rotomoulding. There are so many organic recipes you can try this Christmas that pack in plenty of farm-fresh produce. Not only does including a wide range of fruits and vegetables across all your Christmas dishes pack flavour and nutrients, it makes for a gorgeous looking Christmas table! 

If you’re a farmer, Global Rotomoulding has a wide range of agricultural products that can support your livestock. To find out more, be sure to contact us. In the meantime, check out our round up of 5 Creative Christmas Gifts for Farmers.

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