Benefits of Rotomoulded Septic Tanks

In case you haven’t heard yet, we recently announced the release of our new septic tank range, UbiAqua, and we are very excited about it!

From their innovative design to their light weight structure, and strong rotomoulding build, here are 4 reasons why we think plumbers will love our new septic tank range too!

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1. They take less time to install

Depending on the plumbing company you decide to work with, traditional concrete and metal septic tanks typically take around 3-7 days to install with extensive digging and land excavation. Because of their heavy weight, they also usually require some form of heavy lifting equipment or machinery.

In contrast, Global’s new septic tank range is lightweight and easy to install. The septic tanks come with moulded-in lifting lugs to make the installation process as easy as possible, and they arrive on your doorstep completely assembled and ready to connect to the sewer/disposal area — no extra steps needed!

2. Fewer tools are required

Because our new septic tanks are delivered completely assembled (with a factory-fitted baffle), plumbers will need little to no extra tools to connect our tanks to the sewer. In other words, a job which once would have required lots of tools, time, and patience, now only requires the bare minimum. We love simplicity!

3. They don’t crack when you are installing them

One of the most common complaints we hear from plumbers about plastic tanks is that they are too delicate and easy to damage if care is not taken (especially during transportation or while they are being installed). Global’s new tank range eliminates this issue via rotomoulding, a process which strengthens the tank’s structure and offers greater durability.

Our septic tanks are manufactured using premium, UV stabilised, high-strength polyethylene. And, the rotomoulding process dictates that they are made from one solid piece of plastic instead of welding or bolting together various components.

As a result, our new septic tank range is more impact resistant and less prone to cracking during installation.

4. They are easy to maintain and clean

Septic tanks regularly require cleaning, pumping out, and routine maintenance. Thankfully, our septic tanks are a lot easier to look after than concrete or metal tanks. They are rust and corrosion resistant, which means that they have a longer lifespan and a lower risk of leakage. And, they can withstand harsh chemicals and hazardous materials, which means that your plumber will never have to worry about damaging your septic tank during the cleaning process.

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