Introducing Global’s Easy-to-install Septic Tanks


Introducing Global’s easy-to-install septic tanks | Global Tanks | Brisbane


The next generation of septic tanks have arrived!

At Global Tanks, we’re passionate about using the latest rotomoulding technology to design and manufacture world-class polyethylene products. And our new septic tank range is no exception:

3,000 litre domestic underground septic tank
6,000 litre domestic underground septic tank

With an innovative design, durable structure, and lightweight plastic build, not only are our new septic tanks cutting edge in terms of their ease of installation, but they also set a new benchmark for quality and functionality in the way wastewater is treated.

Want to know more?

Here are 3 reasons why we think our new septic tank range offers stellar value and top-notch wastewater treatment:

1. They are easier to install and maintain

Unlike traditional metal and concrete septic tanks, our plastic septic tanks are lightweight, easy to transport, and more cost-effective to install. They don’t require heavy equipment to be lifted or moved, and they can be put in place quickly and efficiently by a small team.

They also come with moulded-in lifting lugs for simple installation and a large lid for easy cleaning access. In addition, they’re designed to resist hydraulic floatation when 10mm gravel has been used to backfill around the installed unit (warranty requirement).

The best part? They will arrive on your doorstep completely assembled (including a factory fitted baffle) so that you can get your tank delivered and installed on the same day!

2. No rust, corrosion, or cracking

One of the greatest benefits of using a Global septic tank over a traditional concrete septic tank is that they are manufactured with premium, UV stabilised, food-grade safe polyethylene. They’re also watertight, well-fitted, easy to repair, and provide less of an unpleasant sewage smell than other septic tanks that aren’t so tight-fitting.

Different to concrete tanks which typically crack or break down after a number of years of use, our septic tanks are also rust and corrosion resistant, which means that they offer a longer lifespan and a lower risk of leakage. In other words, you could potentially save a lot of money over the long-term!

3. Strong rotomoulding design

Our septic tanks are manufactured using an advanced rotomoulding process. This means that they are made from one piece of lightweight plastic, instead of welding or bolting together various heavy components. As a result, our septic tanks have no weak weld lines, side seams, joints, rivets, or screws. In short, they offer greater durability, strength, and sturdiness because there is no chance of them collapsing or falling apart due to stress points.

In addition, the precise application of molten plastic means that we can create septic tanks with ribs and a uniform wall thickness (even at corners and angles) so that they are structurally more sound and have great load-bearing properties.

Safety standards and certifications

At Global Tanks, we take great pride in delivering products that comply with Australian safety and manufacturing standards. So you can rest easy knowing that your property and family are safe! All of our septic tanks have Australian Standard (AS NZS 1546.1.2008) approval and have been approved for use in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.


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