Why Global’s Tanks are the Best Cartage Tanks in Australia

When it comes to cartage tanks, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better range than those produced by Global. Not only are there tonnes of varieties to choose from, but they all include the same superior design. What makes them superior? You’re about to find out!

Strong and Sturdy

The number one priority for an Australian cartage tank is that it can handle all the bumps and turns of your vehicle and safely contain its contents. At Global, we make our transportable tanks out of low-density polyethene and use roto-moulding to form the perfect shape for each tank. This material is highly flexible in the design process but completely shock and crack resistant in its final design. We know, it sounds too good to be true! But if you’re looking for a reliable cartage tank, a roto-moulded plasic design is definitely the way to go. An Australian cartage tank is designed to endure the harsh environments and conditions of the country. If you want a product that lasts, Global has been making sturdy poly products for years!

UV Stabilised

It’s difficult to ignore just how hot the Australian Summer is. Especially if you’re out working on the land every day. Australia’s unique conditions mean that agricultural products need to be designed with these factors in mind. At Global, we ensure that all of our cartage tanks are UV stabilised so that the constant beating of the sun doesn’t wear down your tank faster or heat up its contents to a dangerous temperature.

Food Grade Plastic

Using your transportable tank to courier feed around your farm? Global’s cartage tanks are the best option! Each tank is made from food grade plastic, and you even have the ability to colour code them if you choose to purchase more than one. This way, you’ll always know which tank is used for feed and which for chemicals such as fertiliser or diesel, to avoid cross-contamination.

Variety of mounting options

Our cartage tanks range from 35L spray tanks to 1500L Bigfoot tanks. This means that they also come in a variety of mounting options to suit the weight and size of the tank. Our tanks can be pin mounted, strap mounted or insert mounted. Our heavier tanks such as our Bigfoot range have seriously heavy duty feet and even come with the additional feature of an optional water-holding tank in the foot! Rest assured that no matter what cartage tank you purchase, it’ll always be safely secured.

5-year Warranty

All of our transportable tanks come with a 5-year warranty, though it’s very rare that you’ll ever have to use it! Global manufactures each product with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that every single tank is going to serve its purpose for many years to come.

Interested in purchasing the best Australian cartage tank on the market? Contact Global today!

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