The Toughest Poly Tanks Under the Sun

Tough rainwater tanks are one of the best ways to become more water self-sufficient, but not all tanks are up to scratch when it comes to handling the Australian sun! We take a look at what it takes to withstand the Aussie climate…

Australia experiences some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world. In fact, just this week BOM announced that the UV index would reach levels of 16 in Brisbane! To put that in perspective, The World Health Organisation warns against spending time outside when the UV index tops 11, which is considered extreme.

Now, imagine sitting outside all day, every day, in the same position with these extreme UV levels. You would be absolutely buggered, right? Well, over time, UV exposure to unstabilised water storage tanks can result in a similar effect. The harsh Australian sun can compromise molecular structure, misshapen and discolour, as well as cause the tank walls to become brittle. As a result, cutting-edge technology in polyethylene manufacturing is required to ensure reliability and durability for the long term.

Meet Global Rotomoulding’s UV Stabilised Tanks

Most poly tanks will degrade quickly when exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays, unless they’re manufactured with UV Stabilisers. At Global Rotomoulding, we add UV Stabilisers to our poly mix to not only ensure that your tank is better protected from the sun, but also to protect you and your family from drinking water that’s contaminated by floating plastic particles. We make tough rainwater tanks that are the best option for storing water in Australia.

All of our poly tanks comply with the Australian standards AS 2070 (plastics for food contact use) and AS/NZS 4020 (products for use in contact with drinking water). So you can rest assured that the water stored in them is safe for you and your family to drink, even after many hot days in the sun!

The importance of installing your tank in the shade

Your tank’s location can affect how long it lasts. Ideally, you should position your tank in a shady spot to keep your water temperature low and reduce evaporation. Light and heat can also make algae grow in water tanks. However, if you live in a very hot location with limited shade available, we recommend selecting a thick-walled tank that won’t allow sunlight to get in, or opt for an underground rainwater tank.

Trusted by farmers in the Australian outback

There’s no place hotter or drier than the Aussie outback! In rural and remote towns, freshwater is a limited and valuable commodity. Living and surviving in this type of climate depends on the use of water collected in UV Stabilised rainwater tanks. Global Rotomoulding’s tanks are built to withstand the demands of daily use and the harsh Australian sun. The quality of our products is guaranteed, and we are proud to have maintained our standard of excellence for 20 years.

If you’re looking for tough rainwater tanks, give us a call today!

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