Rainwater tanks: choosing the right one for your home

If it’s a rainwater tank you’re after then Global Tanks has a fantastic range of water storage tanks. From slimline tanks and underground tanks, to underdeck and traditional round tanks, you’ll find a range of size options available to suit your home

Installing a rainwater tank not only dramatically cuts your water bill, it can help the environment by reducing stormwater runoff and demand on mains water. Here are some tips on choosing the right rainwater tank for you.

How do you want to use the water?

First consider what the water will be used for. Do you want to water the garden or wash the car? Or do you want to rely on your rainwater tank for household usage such as washing, or flushing the loo.?

The use will directly determine the size of the tank you buy so it’s a good idea to get this clear in your mind first. If you’re just using the water outside then this is the easiest and cheapest option as you won’t need a plumber to install the tank to your mains supply.

What Size Do I Need?

Once you’ve determined how you will use the water then consider the size and shape of your household and garden. There’s no point purchasing a 45,000 litre above ground tank if you don’t have the room for it. You may only have room for an under-deck tank or a narrow space on the side of your house for a slimline tank.

You’ll also need to consider the amount of rainfall your region receives on average during the year and how much your roof will be able to collect. In general 1mm of rainfall on 1m2 of roof area = 1L of rainwater.

Taking into consideration the mains supply.

For gardens and general outdoor usage even a smaller rainwater tank, say a 550 litre or a 1,000 litre above ground tank can noticeably ease the pressure on mains water. It can also be used to provide water in an emergency.

If you are planning to use rainwater to complement mains supply, a larger 5,000 litre tank will provide a good proportion of your water use. But in areas with dry summers, a much larger 10,000 litre tank will be required. If rainwater is your sole source of water, you will need at least a 28,000 litre rainwater tank.

Global Tanks are rotomoulded from polyethylene and suitable for storing drinking water so they’re ideal for this kind of usage. When it comes to choosing the right rainwater tank, our products go the extra mile.  Contact us today to find out more!

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