300ltr Strap Mount Tank

300ltr Strap Mount Tank

300ltr Strap Mount Tank


  • 300ltr Strap Mount Tank
  • 900L, 847W  with feet, 610 tank ,934 High including feet
  • Built-in sump
  • UV stabilized for Australian conditions
  • Suitable for wide range of chemicals
  • Food grade
  • Recyclable

Standard Fittings

1 x 3/4″ Outlet in sump, 2 x1 1/2″ Ol in sump, 255mm Lid


With or without feet

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Tank Features

  1. Moulded in hold down points
  2. Mechanical fastening of foot to tank
  3. Low level sump with 1″outlet
  4. Separate high strength feet – dual skin moulding