The benefits of storing diesel on a farm

On-farm storage of diesel is becoming increasingly important for modern farmers. With diesel being a critical fuel source for most farm machinery, the ability to store fuel on the farm is a crucial aspect of managing farm operations efficiently. Here are some reasons why on-farm storage of diesel is important:

Emergency Preparedness
On-farm diesel storage also provides farmers with a backup fuel supply in the event of an emergency or unexpected interruption to fuel supply in Australia we have had a number of scares related to the nation’s stock pile of fuel. This can include natural disasters, road closures, or fuel shortages. Having a backup fuel supply can help farmers maintain their operations during such events and prevent costly downtime.

Cost Savings
One of the most significant benefits of on-farm diesel storage is the cost savings. By buying diesel in bulk, farmers can save money by taking advantage of volume discounts. They can also avoid the need to purchase fuel at peak times when prices are often higher. Additionally, farmers can save money on delivery costs by reducing the number of fuel deliveries required.

On-farm diesel storage is a convenient solution that allows farmers to refuel their machinery on site. In bigger farms we are now seeing farmers using our cartage tank to transport diesel out to machinery in the field, this decrease the down time of machinery. This can save farmers significant amounts of time, particularly during busy periods when every minute counts.

Improved Productivity
Having a fuel supply on site can improve farm productivity by reducing downtime caused by refuelling trips. By having cartage tanks with large volumes of diesel farmers are able to reduce wear and tear on machinery caused by frequent travel over long distances.

Environmental Benefits
On-farm diesel storage can also provide environmental benefits by reducing the number of fuel deliveries required, thus reducing the carbon emissions associated with transporting fuel.


On-farm storage of diesel is a crucial aspect of modern farming operations. The Team at global Roto have a wide range of Cartage tanks for on the farm storage and cartage. On-farm storage provides farmers with cost savings, convenience, emergency preparedness, improved productivity, and environmental benefits. As such, farmers should consider investing in on-farm diesel storage as a practical solution for managing their fuel needs efficiently.

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