Tanks for Small Spaces

Sometimes you just don’t have enough space on your property or motorhome to fit a large water tank. At Global Rotomoulding, we offer simplicity and innovation across our range with a number of different space saving water storage solutions.


So whether you live off-grid in a tiny caravan in the woods or you share a small urban apartment in the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane, we have the water storage solution for you!

Slimline Tanks

Slimline tanks are a popular choice for people who live in urban areas. Unlike round water tanks, they’re able to squeeze into tight spaces that traditional tanks will not fit in, like between your wall and your fence, or along your back boundary, making them the perfect tanks for small spaces. Our slimline tanks also come with extra extensions so that you can expand your tank lengthways and increase your literage to your preferred volume.

Global Rotomoulding offers two small slimline tanks:

1. 550 Litre Camel Rainwater Tank
Our 550 litre tank is the smallest slimline tank in our range. It’s made out of food-grade safe, 100% recyclable polyethylene, and is expandable to any capacity using extensions and joiners.

2. 1000 Litre Camel Rainwater Tank
Manufactured out of the same plastic material as our 550 litre tank, the 1000 litre tank offers more storage but is still the same height (1780). A simple joining system also allows the tank to be expanded to any capacity, with each section filling at the same level.

Small round tanks

Small round tanks are another great option for families who have tight spaces and small yards but don’t require as much literage as a large round tank. Similar to our slimline tanks, our round tanks have the option of being interlinked together to create more storage and are made out of 100% recyclable, food-grade safe polyethylene. The smallest round tank in our range is the 1000 litre above ground tank. Designed using the latest CAD & FEA software, the tank has a self-supporting roof design for long term structural strength.

Transportable tanks

For those that need to move water, diesel or chemicals, transportable tanks are the way to go! At Global Rotomoulding, our transportable tanks are lightweight, durable, and easy to secure to utes, truck, and trailers.

Our transportable tank range includes:

1. Small and Spray tanks
Starting at 35 litres, cartage tanks are made with food-grade plastics, and are also suitable for a wide-range of chemicals. They’re a safe, reliable and lightweight solutions for most transportation needs needs.

2. Compact Tanks
From 200 litres to 800 litres, our compact tanks are a safe and reliable solution for industrial and domestic use. They are strap mounted, food-grade safe, and are made from 100% recyclable plastic. There’s also ‘baffled’ tanks, designed to improve vehicle handling when travelling with a full tank.

3.Cartage Tanks
For those that require a little more literage without sacrificing on valuable space, our 1000 litre cartage tank is the perfect solution. Pin mounted with a hinged lid, this tank will easily fix and is UV stabilized for the harsh Australian weather. With one of these tanks, you’ll be completely prepared to haul anything, anywhere!


Looking to downsize or install a small tank on your property? Contact Global today, or give us a call on 1800 666 333 to find out how we can help you!

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