2000ltr Diesel Cartage Tank

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  • Cartage Tank

  • Diesel Tank

  • Fertilizer Tank

  • Molasses Tank

  • 2000ltr Pin Mounted Diesel Cartage Tank

  • 2310Lx1500Wx1120H

  • Separate high strength feet

  • Smooth internal tank surface aids drainage

  • Easy to clean due to smooth internal service

  • Designed for optimal agitation
  • UV stabilized for Australian conditions
  • Suitable for wide range of chemicals
  • Food grade
  • Recyclable

Standard Fittings

2 x 2″ Outlets, 455mm Hinged Lid


Available as Diesel, Fertigation & Molasses Tanks

Mounting Kit, 22x Large Bones, 40 ltr per minute pump with 4m hose and automatic shut off, Water Tank in feet

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