Make the most of your yard space

With summer in the air, now is the perfect time to utilise the space in your backyard and get those flowers and veggies growing! What better way to assist your babies sprouting than with the help of a rainwater tank?

Barely able to swing a cat in your backyard? If you only have a small courtyard or just enough room for your hills hoist, don’t stress! Read on to find out how to optimise the space you do have, however small, to make the most of your yard while the warm weather lasts.

Raised garden beds

If your yard is dominated by concrete slabs, raised garden beds are a great way to grow plants and bring a little life to your home. You can buy one or try your hand at the DIY versions. Raised garden beds are easy to assemble if you know your way around a hammer and can get your hands on some scrap slabs of wood. Give this tutorial a go!

Think vertically

There are several cheerful climbers that can be planted on trellis’. Some popular choices for the Queensland climate include bougainvilleas, the golden trumpet vine and madagascar jasmine. These vines produce gorgeous flowers sure to inject some colour into your backyard!

Get your herb on

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than cooking with your own fresh herbs and spices? Herbs are easy to grow in pot plants, garden beds, or in hanging planters. Herbs such as basil, mint, coriander, lemongrass and tarragon thrive in the Australian summer with the warmer climate and plenty of hydration. Why not try your hand at creating a hanging planter, and save space on the ground for the kids to splash in a play pool or kick a ball.

Invest in a slimline urban rainwater tank

Global Rotomoulding create tanks suited for urban backyards to optimise space without disrupting the visual consistency of your home. Global’s collection of urban tanks range from 550L to 5000L and come in a selection of colours to match your house and fence. Designed specifically for smaller spaces, urban tanks stand upright in slim cylinders and can sit against a wall or fence to free up the rest of your yard for your planting and playing!

Think beneath the surface

Utilise your space even further by installing a rainwater tank underground or under your deck! Global Rotomoulding provide 2000L, 3000L and 5000L plastic underground rainwater tanks for those who want to be efficient but discreet with their water usage.

Maintain the luxury of a garden even in the smallest of yards, and keep it flourishing through water restrictions with an urban tank!

Contact Global Rotomoulding today to discuss your rainwater tank needs in relation to your home!

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