Have Peace of Mind with Our Quality Management System

When you buy a water tank you want to be sure that it is the best quality possible. That’s why at Global Rotomoulding we’ve implemented an in-depth testing and management system which has given our thousands of customers peace of mind. 

We promise the best quality service in the market for Water Tanks and all other rotomoulded products – from manufacturing to delivery. When you buy with us, you subscribe to durable poly products plus superb communication and delivery.

Our Process 

Your water tank and your specification are linked with your sales order, manufacturing, and the delivery of your tank. 

We use a unique serial number for every tank we create, so if you have any inquiries or issues down the line, we can find the exact information about your water tank. This enables us to perform custom quality checks on all our products. 

To ensure the highest quality product possible, all our production and quality control is paperless within a web app. Don’t worry about storing receipts because we will keep reference of your purchase in our files permanently.  

Global believes in honouring quality control at every step in the process:

  1. Clients are asked the correct questions to make sure they get the exact item they need. 
  2. High-quality components and plastic that meet strict batch checks by our suppliers are sourced. 
  3. Moulds are quality checked before the product is loaded. 
  4. The Global team performs several checks to ensure all components, plastics and special instructions are followed before loading it. 
  5. Unloaded products go through a first-pass QA check to ensure they meet the quality standard. 
  6. Once a product is finished we complete a custom QA check. This check is Global’s custom list that ensures each product meets our specific requirements. Examples may include:
    • Visual inspections of defined key areas.
    • Leak testing.
    • Ultrasonic thickness testing.
    • Drop testing.
  7. Custom-built trucks used to safely transport and deliver tanks to customers. 
  8. Serial numbers allow traceability of manufacturing processes and any warranty issues. 

At Global Tanks, our committed team is always ready to challenge conventional practices and find new, innovative ways to master our trade. We’ve helped land-owners across Australia get quality agricultural equipment without any stress on them. If you want a durable, and long-lasting poly water tank, get in touch with us today! We have a range of premade products, or alternatively, we can customise a tank to better suit your needs. 

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