Design with Global: Leaders in Innovative Plastic Fabrication

Do you have a project that you’re aiming to get off the ground?

Global Rotomoulding can help you design your product to reap the main benefits of plastic construction. We are experts in custom plastic fabrication, operating out of Irymple, Victoria, and Helidon, Queensland. 


Polyethylene is:

  • Strong
  • Light
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Consistently uniform
  • Easy to mould

If you think your design could profit from these elements, perhaps Global can help you bring it to life!

Award-winning design

Global are leaders in innovative plastic design and have won several awards for dedication to customer satisfaction. Just last November, Global co-founder Howard Ferry won the ANZ Innovator of the Year Award. The judges provided feedback that reflected upon the processes Global undertakes to work closely with their clients:

“Howard is described by his referees as a very measured, thoughtful and unassuming person who is also technically very clever and commercially savvy. He thinks outside the square to solve problems, and is able to integrate internal and external resources into projects to create very innovative solutions for clients.”

Problem solvers

Global has worked with a wide range of companies including Thales, Booth Transport, FLSmidth and Bell Environmental. They source only the best quality products from trusted companies such as Trymak, Milne Engineering, Matrix Polymers and Mount Barker Products.

Global is dedicated to finding solutions to problems. Recently they worked with Booth Transport to design a solid plastic toolbox to house their pump systems and prevent the water from corroding their ute tray beds.

Previously, Global also worked closely with Trailers 2000 to design a plastic trailer that would be lighter and longer-lasting than a steel trailer. Traditional steel trailers are prone to rust and deteriorate easily in adverse weather. The TuffMate 2000 trailer, made using rotationally-moulded polyethylene, proved to be a significant advancement in trailer design, with its sturdy structure and weather resistance.

See more of our collaborations here.

Custom Designs and turnkey services

At Global, you will receive full service, custom rotomoulding. This means that the Global team will be discussing and improving your product every step of the way, from concept design to delivery. Global provides full product design and mould manufacturing. We test every product for quality and efficiency. Global is dedicated to customer satisfaction and is held in high esteem by both their customers and their local community.

Need custom plastic fabrication for your next big job? Choose Global and be blown away by their commitment to your vision! Contact us today for a quote, or simply a chat on how you can improve your product with plastic.

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