How To Keep Your Workplace Safe

Manufacturing Safety Tips: How To Keep Your Workplace Safe

When people interact with machinery accidents can happen. That’s why workplace safety should be top of the list of priorities for manufacturing businesses. If not, then serious injury or even death can occur.


Global Rotomoulding takes safety very serious. We take a look at some safety tips that can, and should be, enforced by manufacturing facilities.

1. Worker conditions

Basic safety rules for workers in a manufacturing environment ensures that they are protected on the job. These usually include rules about drug and alcohol use while at work and not wearing loose clothing, jewellery or hair which may get caught in machinery.

Appropriate safety gear and clothing should be worn at all times, such as steel capped boots, gloves, ear muffs, safety glasses etc. If a worker doesn’t abide by these rules then consequences should also be in place, such as a warning followed by termination of employment.

2. Worker Actions

Manufacturing businesses also need to enforce safety rules for when workers are carrying out their jobs.

This can include: operating machinery in a correct manner, i.e using both hands on a tool, and not bypassing safety switches and leaving safety guards and guides in place. They can also cover worker behaviour such as not acting in a manner as to endanger themselves and others.

3. Organised Workplace

How the workplace is organised in general is a determinant of worker safety. It should be clean and free of clutter, with tools housed in their correct locations and not lying around where they can injure people.

Any tools that require maintenance or replacing should be reported to a safety officer. The workplace should also be well-ventilated, well-lit and at an appropriate temperature for working in.

4. Emergency Situations

There needs to be a plan for dangerous or emergency situations which can occur in a manufacturing environment.

A clear set of procedures should be made available to workers so they know what to do, for example, in the case of a severe storm where should they shelter? All emergency exits should be kept clear with fire extinguishers and first aid kits placed in accessible locations. It’s a good idea to allocate a person responsible for first aid who has received the necessary training.

In general, workplace safety can be broken down into three factors: elimination of possible hazards, policies that protect workers and workers that follow the policies. If these three things are in place then the risk of worker injury is greatly reduced.


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