Global Present to Industry on Cone Bottom Fertigation Tank

Global Roto-Moulding team have been presenting at a number of Grower Workshops in QLD. 

With Workshops in Emerald, Springsure, Clermont, Jimbour and Brookstead in QLD.  That Explores Liquid application options to replace Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen. Trent Farleigh QLD Sales Manager for Global has Presented on our range of tanks and cleaning solutions. 

Global Supply tanks for; 

  • On-farm storage wide range of cone bottom tanks 

  • Transportation of chemicals on farms with smooth bottom cartage tanks

  • Tanks for trailers for seeding machinery with smooth bottom cartage tanks. 

Liquid fertigation is a technique used in agriculture and horticulture, which involves the application of liquid fertilizers directly to the plant’s roots through an irrigation system. It is an efficient and cost-effective way of delivering essential nutrients to crops, improving crop yield, quality, and uniformity.

As granular fertilizer becomes more expensive farmers are looking for alternative methods that can increase the yield, decrease costs, and be more effective on the plants and soil in the long term. 

Global has a range of different cone bottom tanks to suit our customer’s needs

Range of Cone bottom Liquid Fertiliser tanks

Hands-on Regeneration farming event

The team at Global recently had the opportunity to present at the hands-on Regeneration farming event the two-day workshop covered cover crops, soil health and biological fertiliser. Trent Farliegh QLD Sales Manager for Global has Presented our range of tanks and cleaning solutions.

The Guest speakers Grant Sims and Matt Marshal gave a number of grant presentations and practical examples on to create healthy soil using biological fertiliser

The workshop covered topics on how to:

  • Improve the life and function of soil through biology
  • Make biological liquid fertiliser is made and apply it. 
  • Use cover crops, and companion crops and discover the benefits of multi-species crops

Biological fertilizers, also known as biofertilizers, are products that contain living microorganisms that help to improve soil fertility and plant growth. These microorganisms include beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that naturally occur in soil.

In cropping farming, biological fertilizers can be used to enhance soil quality and increase crop yields. They work by increasing the availability of nutrients to plants and improving soil structure, which in turn leads to better root growth and more efficient water and nutrient uptake.

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