Top 5 Reasons Poly Tanks are Better Than Metal Water Tanks

When your metal water tank fails, you have two options – get it repaired or get it replaced. Depending on the issue, repairing it is often the default option, especially if the water tank is only months old. But metal water tanks are prone to leaking because of corrosion, so fixing it may not be the ultimate solution.

Consider replacing your metal water tank with a poly tank for an affordable, versatile and durable water storage solution. Still not convinced it’s worth ditching your metal tank? Here are five undeniable benefits of using a poly tank that quite frankly, speak for themselves.

1. They won’t corrode

Unlike metal tanks, poly tanks are corrosion resistant, so there’s more peace of mind that your drinking water isn’t leaking away. Poly tanks are made with UV-inhibitors to protect the plastic from degradation from the harsh Australia sun.

2. More versatile

A poly tank is more versatile than a metal tank when it comes installing different shapes and sizes. A small house with limited backyard space, for instance, can choose to install a slimline poly tank such as the Urban Camel, which comes in a range of sizes from 550 litres to 5000 litres. Metal tanks come in different sizes, but the basic shape is circular with a coned roof, making them unsuitable for many space restricted urban dwellings.

3. Food grade plastic

Poly tanks are made from food grade plastic which meets certain standards of purity. Global Tanks’ polyethylene water storage tanks comply with AS 2070 (plastics materials for food contact use) and AS/NZS 4020 (products for use in contact with drinking water). Metal tanks often have a spray-on polymer that forms the plastic lining of the tank, and there’s risk of corroded metal infecting your drinking water.

4. Last longer

Poly tanks are rotomoulded from tough and durable polyethylene plastic so, unlike metal tanks, there are no side seams or joints to become weakened over time. Proven roof designs mean they have long term structural strength too.

5. Lightweight

Positioning a poly tank is much easier than a metal tank. They’re lightweight and have some flex, so they’re very easy to install. All that is required is a stabilised flat spot with nothing sharp underneath. Some poly tanks are designed to go underground, so they’re out of sight. The foundation for a metal tank needs a lot more preparation, including steel rings and a concrete base to keep out rust.

At Global we make a variety of above ground, underground and urban rainwater tanks in different colours to suit your home! Contact us today for a plastic rotomoulded tank that fits your needs.

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