Keeps Manufacturing Costs Down With Rotational Moulding

Rotationally moulded products are cost effective to reproduce because once you make the mould, production costs are relatively low. All you need is polyethene and ovens to manufacture in. Keep reading to find out more.

How Rotational Moulding Works

The process of rotational moulding (roto-moulding) is quite straightforward. First, you need a hollow mould which is filled with granulated plastic that is then heated. The mould is then slowly rotated around two axes until the softened plastic has stuck to the walls of the mould. The mould rotates throughout the heating and cooling phase to avoid sagging or deformation. At Global, we use low-density polyethene plastic as it’s stress crack resistant, UV resistant, strong and durable.

Affordable manufacturing

Manufacturing plastic products by using rotational moulding keeps costs down because moulds are relatively affordable to make and the process is highly scalable. With just the use of an oven and plastic material (unlike injection moulding) roto-moulding offers a fast and economical way to manufacture products. There is also a minimal amount of waste material during production, and whatever is leftover can be recycled.

Design advantages

Rotational moulding has design advantages over other moulding processes that also keeps costs down. Complex shapes can be moulded as one part, rather than many different parts that need to be joined together, which eliminates high fabrication costs. Experimentation with thinner wall thickness can also mean lower costs (the thicker the wall, the more costly and timely to produce).

Benefits of plastic

Plastic is cheap, easily accessible and able to be roto-moulded into all kinds of shapes and designs. It is also 100% recyclable. Products made by rotational moulding at Global Tanks are durable because the wall thickness is consistent and the corners are strong. Additional structures can be added to the mould for further reinforcement, such as for larger tanks and heavy duty equipment.

Global Tanks is involved in the entire manufacturing process, from concept design to distribution. Contact us today to find out more.

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