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Cartage Tank and Sump Do’s and Don’ts

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Range of Cartage tanks

We love seeing our cartage tanks out in the wild. Our signature colour is regal blue but they can be offered in a variety of colours to suit customer requirements.

All of our tanks are available in Water, Fertigation, Molasses and Diesel Grades.

Did you know that Global’s standard cartage tank is made for a Specific gravity of 1:1.3?

This means that they are already graded for fertigation and watery molasses.

We can also supply in a 1:1.5 for those that use the thicker molasses brands. 

Our tanks are well priced and we stand by our warranty.


Let us tell you a secret. Most of our customers think they want a sump until it arrives! Sumps stick out below the bottom of the tank. This means that you are required to cut a hole in your frame or deck to fit the sump in. Also note the sump will increase the size of frame and increase the centre of gravity. 

If you do need a sump, refer to our brochure/website and decide its location, a number of our cartage tanks can have sumps in multiple locations. You can also refer to our brochure/website when choosing outlet positions as we like to give you lots of choice to ensure our product best suits your application.

Some Accessories you may consider