5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Water Tank

When it comes to buying and installing a water tank there are a lot of variables to consider. Make sure you purchase your water tank from a manufacturer who can give you options and provide the product that best suits your needs, home or business. Below are 5 crucial questions to consider when choosing a water tank. 

What Size of Tank do You Need?

Consider what exactly you’ll be using your water tank for. Will it simply be for domestic use or will you be using the water to hydrate livestock, water crops, vegie gardens,flowers and trees? Perhaps you live in an area prone to bushfires during the summer and so you’ll need a healthy reserve in case of emergency. These are all factors to consider when deciding which size of tank is right for you. It’s best to go with a tank provider who manufactures and stocks a large range of tanks since they’ll be able to advise you, based on experience, about what sizes would work best for you based on personal circumstances and location.  

What Colour of Tank Would you Like?

You may prefer a specific colour of water tank for various different reasons. Often people would like a colour that compliments the exterior of their home or matches a bit of a theme on their farm. Climate should also be considered when selecting a colour for your tank. For example, if your farm, home or agribusiness is out towards the outback then there’s likely to be a lot of dust so you’ll want to avoid white or light colours where dirt and dust will easily be highlighted. Instead, opt for dark oranges and reds that will blend in with the landscape of the outback.

Which Material do you Want your Tank to be Made of?

Water tanks can be made out of different materials like polyethylene, steel and concrete. There are various pros and cons to all materials so it’s important that you consider your options. At Global Tanks, we believe that poly water tanks are the way of the future since they’re extremely durable, can’t rust or crack, they’re lightweight and the most cost-effective option. If those benefits tick your boxes then a water tank made from polyethylene is likely your best option.

Is it Recyclable?

Find out from the tank supplier if their products are made from materials that can be recycled. Today, we are more aware than ever of how important it is to make more sustainable choices that will help to benefit the environment and many agribusinesses are even obligated by law to opt for materials that are recyclable rather than ones that aren’t. What’s more, if you opt for a water tank that’s made from non-recyclable materials, down the line when you need to have the tank removed or replaced, you’ll have to pay a very hefty fee to have it extracted and taken to landfill. Polyethylene tanks can be recycled and made into a number of other products.  These are all vital factors to consider when selecting a water tank for your property.

How Many Tanks Do You Need? 

Another important question to consider when choosing a water tank is whether you should use one large tank or multiple smaller tanks to transport or store water. 

Do you have a pitched roof over your shed or workplace? If that’s the case you could put one large tank at one end of the building to capture all water, or you could place smaller, half-sized tanks at each end of the building.

One large tanks may save you space but may also leave your water supply exposed to accidents/mishaps. Two or more smaller tanks will collect the same amount of water while always having one in operation if the other happens to fail.

Do you Need an Underground or Above Ground Tank?

When installing a tank on your property you need to consider the pros of above ground water tanks against the pros of underground water tanks. Underground tanks are great for saving space while aboveground tanks are easier to install and access. If you would like advice on what’s best for your property and needs, get in touch with one of our poly tank experts at Global Tanks.

Choosing a water tank is made easy with Global Tanks. Our water storage tanks come in 32 different colours which means you’re guaranteed to find a colour that matches your landscape and climate. We have a vast range of sizes and all of our tanks are made from recyclable plastic which is great for the environment and your pocket. We also have above ground and underground options so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect tank. If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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