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Installation Requirements for 200ltr & 300ltr Low Profile Cartage/Spray Tanks

Support Requirements for 200ltr and 300ltr Low Profile Tanks:

  • 200 & 300 Lt Low Profile Tanks are required to be fully supported under each foot. The centre must also be supported for the full length of the tank.
  • Please refer to the mounting diagram below for minimum support area.
  • In addition to the above, the structure that the tank is mounted to must be sufficiently resistant to twisting, so as to prevent the tank from twisting. The amount of twisting force will vary between different installations, so it is important that the structure be strong enough to prevent twisting in that particular installation.

Mounting Requirements:

  • These tanks have 4 x M12 brass threaded inserts moulded into the feet for securing them to the mounting surface.
  • When selecting bolts, care must be taken to select the correct size and thread for your application. All inserts are metric treaded.
  • Bolts must be long enough to go through the mounting surface and engage the threads in the brass inserts, but not so long as to ‘bottom out’ and bind in the inserts.


  • Connections from the tank to any pump or pipe must be made using at least 300mm of flexible tubing


  • Dimensions given are approximate only; natural variations in shrinkage can vary some dimensions by 1%, depending on the size and shape of the tank.
  • In the interests of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications on our products without notice.

GR-200L & GR-300L Support Requirements